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CiRCLE 7 is an independent film, theater & audio production company specializing in ensemble-driven stories that explore personal & political themes with authenticity & irreverence ...

CiRCLE 7 has partnered with exceptional, award-winning artists to produce new & revived plays in New York City (Jesse Garon Lives, One for the Road, Tape, Flying Lesson) - indie feature film The Weekend (with Sunnyside Films & 1091), which was shot in real time over 3 days - sketch comedy Soggy Crackers, featuring a brilliant cast - beloved sports entertainment podcast The Buckeye Brothers  (2012-2016) - numerous genres of audiobooks (producing & narrating for Audible) - and two upcoming dark comedies, animated short Stuffies of the Old West, and podcast series Sapien Static, both satires on modern America. CiRCLE 7 also develops screenplays for film & television, with several projects currently in the works, and our slate of new podcasts will begin releasing in the fall of 2022.

Founded by actor/creative Brian Avers, CiRCLE 7 has been proud to feature amazing performers including Angelique Cabral, Amber Gray, Heather Lind, Steven Boyer, Carson Elrod, Kelly Hutchinson, Julie Sharbutt, Bhavesh Patel, Stacey Yen, David Wannen, Jeremy Rishe, Lindsay Chambers, David Ross, Ronald Emile, Liz Wisan & more. Producing partners have included the brilliant multi-hyphenate Michael Izquierdo & Sunnyside Films, Benjamin Stauffer, "Deezus" Coss & Kool Nerd Productions.

When in doubt . . . CiRCLE 7