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A dark satire of AM radio, TV & modern media, Sapien Static journeys into the heart of America, with celebrities, broadcasters, politicians & word salad from weirdos off the street ... Authentic, funny and thought-provoking, this tragi-comic audio series holds a mirror to our world. Created & performed by the adopted love child of Jonathan Winters and Anna Deveare Smith.

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the christianity conversation

Profound, personal & political dialogue between 'believers' & 'non-believers' about the past, present and future of American (and global) Christianity ... From the impact of personal faith on our families, to larger questions about philosophy, practice and culture, we hope to dig deeper into the urgent mission of how we can heal & unite in a fractured world.

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For 75 years, Rock n' Roll artists and their music have contributed to seismic, culture-changing shifts in America and around the world. For the Record explores the greatest artists, bands, albums, singles & songwriters & in history. Featuring passionate debates & fascinating deep-dives, mock drafts & revised rankings - from the Top 25 Most Important Rock Artists Right Now ... to the 50 Greatest Rock n' Roll Bands of ALL TIME (for real tho)! Listen to amazing, specially curated Spotify playlists, vote in our polls, and call in to defend or denounce every opinion ... because this one's FOR THE RECORD.

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Charizma (The ART of Connection)

One question worries the mind of any CEO, entrepreneur, engineer, product team, recruiting office, or anyone with a job interview, speech or pitch ahead...

Is "charisma" teachable? Can my story and my 'public personality' be more compelling? The answer is YES ... This podcast will feature practical tools to revolutionize your approach, and inspiring discussions about how 'charismatic connection' can sell your product, realize a vision ... even change the world.

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Frank, funny conversations about the craft, career &  life of an Actor ... From discovering our love of the art, to booking work in the business, to surviving & thriving in a complicated world, this anticipated podcast will pull the curtain back on every actor's reality... while offering true solutions (& a lil' soul-soothing) to aspiring artists everywhere.  #BeAnArtsHero!

BIG BULLS BEEF w/ nba sauce

Bold, beefy takes on the Chicago Bulls & storylines around the NBA ... From MJ & D-Rose chatter to breaking down every performance on this year's team, this is a basketball podcast with MEAT. Let's hoop, baby!

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Avoiding death with Brian Avers

When it comes to staying alive, we have only one choice ... AVOID DYING. Join irreverent, investigative host Brian Avers and his guests, as we look closer at exactly how people expire, and exactly what we might do to avoid the same. From heart conditions to home remedies, suicide to self-care, cancer to cartwheels, nothing about our relationship to "the long goodbye" is off-limits. After all ... our lives are at stake.

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EAt the strawberry . . .

Chicken soup for the soul, with each episode featuring readings from the most affecting and life-affirming literature in history, along with honest reflections & sharings about how we can find our breath, feel our feelings, start again, unify with others, and live life to the fullest in spite of our anxiety and pain. Inspired by the Buddhist story of a monk who faced certain death yet chose to relish the strawberry hanging before them, this series does not avoid reality ... we draw peace, strength and hope from the moment we've been given!

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