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2 - They Called Me Doc Official w Brian
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"Exceptional... brings this whole story to life!"
"Fantastic. Hands down my favorite title I've ever heard or read."
"Superb... I kept the tissues nearby!"
"Brian Avers does an incredible job telling this emotional story!"

"A poignant and moving tale of leadership"


Larry C. Miller shares his journey on the front lines of Vietnam, as a corpsman during the war's most tumultuous period. With humor, horror and resolve, this autobiography takes the reader through the trenches. . . Semper Fi, and OOH-RAH!

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"Superb narration"
"Love, family, friends - I hated for this series to end. . ."
"Tears, yes! My favorite audiobooks of the year. . ."
"Wonderful characters - engrossed to the last sentence!"
"Absolutely adored these books!

Heartfelt, briskly paced, and wonderfully descriptive, Red Mountain is the story of complex people living in a beautiful land unlike anywhere else. Told from multiple perspectives and rich with vivid descriptions of "wine life", these novels will transport you... from the first word to the last.

James Rosenberg, author of bestseller Legal Reserves, strikes a new chord in his exploration of what makes a life - and how to put it back together - after it is shattered.

"The Jersey is a beautifully written, profoundly touching, and relatable story of love, loss, and the redemptive power of grace. . . "

"A beautiful story!"
"I loved this, would give 100 stars if I could..."
"Tore me to pieces... superb narrative performance from Brian Avers"
"Heart-wrenching, amazing slice of legal fiction - fabulous characters, great courtroom drama, and Brian Avers was amazing!"
"So touching, heartfelt and gorgeous, the stoniest heart will melt!"
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"Awesome new sci-fi!"
"Gritty, galaxy-spanning storyline... 5 stars!"
"Kept me guessing with every twist - narration very well done!"
"Great books, great characters... Diverse, believable, well crafted - can't wait for more!"
"Absorbing & action-packed!"

A swashbuckling space opera -- full of futuristic action, unsanctioned uses of advanced technology, and memorable characters. From D.J. Bodden, best-selling author of the Black Year Series, comes a brand new science fiction adventure set in the massive, ever-expanding FiveFold Universe.

3 - Last Book Ever cover.jpg
00:00 / 04:53

A mysterious book on your doorstep... a man trying to outrun an otherworldly horror... an elderly woman who creates concrete creatures... a computer that isn’t what it seems... an enigmatic nothingness closing in on someone’s house....

The Last Book You’ll Ever Read is a collection of five macabre tales that you won’t soon forget.

"A Georgia landscape of the familiar-turned-deadly..."
"Highly entertaining and spooky tales!"
"Darkly funny, deliciously creepy in the vein of Steven King - an October delight!"
"Ominous, clever, curious... I'll be following this author!"
"Fast-paced and immensely entertaining; a great read!"

A contentious trial is imminent, and Rick Waterston’s legal practice is suffering. Although he’s stopped drinking, he can’t turn his life around... When young widow Emily Hawkins shows up, demanding to sue the local department store for choking her husband to death as he was fleeing accusations of shoplifting, Rick soon finds himself drawn into a high-stakes courtroom drama, that will change the lives of everyone involved... himself most of all.

From the author of Legal Reserves and The Jersey, comes a uniquely honest look at modern American life, through the eyes of an empathetic lawyer (who could really use some luck)...

"Courtroom antics are first-rate!"
"Reminded me of Grisham's The Rainmaker!"
"The author's clearly drawing from his own real-life experiences as a trial lawyer; crazy characters, believable story - great book!"
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4 - Escape (A New Life) Official w Brian
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00:00 / 03:56
"Haunting story!"
"I loved this - surprising twist!"
"So intriguing I had to keep listening - loved narration!"
"Hooked me!"
"Cool concept, with great execution!"
"Loved the story! Had me thinking of Lost, but this was so much more!"

ESCAPE: A New Life, by David Antocci, is an edge-of-your-seat escape thriller, set on a remote paradise island. . . Big twists, turns and romance!

    And from Renee Pawlish, comes haunting, slow-building suspense, about a woman's past returning with violence. . . Two darkly taut tales.

"Captivating fantasy!"
"One of the best and most realistic LitRPG I have ever read... with great world building, compelling story line, and believable characters!"
"Great sequel, even better!"
"With a deep, original environment, and LGBTQ+ themes, these books are rich and rewarding..."
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Serpent Spirit.jpg
00:00 / 04:54

Things have gotten so heavy in Nathan's life, even books aren't an escape. So, when the powers-that-be decide citizens will be able to live in a virtual reality fantasy world, it seems like the perfect solution for an angsty teen... Nothing's ever that easy though, and trying to game the system leaves Nathan stuck halfway between player and NPC. On top of that, the five kingdoms of The Boundless are ready for an all-out war!

Ghost Platoon NEW COVER.jpg
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"Brutal, but satisfying..."
"Supernaturally violent & hilarious..."
1 - Unbox Yourself Official w Brian Avers.jpg
00:00 / 04:57
"Truly inspiring!"
day after infinity book cover.jpg


Ryan and his sardonic AI implant ("AL") are recruited last minute to board a colony ship from Earth to faraway Tau Ceti ... and they will have to survive every possible doomsday scenario Murphy’s Law can deliver. In this fast, funny, ultimately powerful story, Murphy's Law delivers big time ... Epic Sci-Fi from J.F. Lawrence, performed by Brian Avers.  Just released on Audible

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The Misadventures of a Drunk in Paradise, Book 7

In a fresh chapter of the beloved series from Zane Mitchell, join caustic former cop Danny Drunk and his octogenarian best friend, Al, as their search for a "post-retirement gig" ensnares Danny in a life-or-death tangle that will include strawberry margaritas, dangerous Mafioso runaways, getting tied naked to a bedposts, and ultimately losing what he loves the most.  On Audible 10/2022

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